About Webutation

We Provide Small & Local Businesses Affordable Online Reputation Management Services

Webutation.com (Official business name is Brabham Business Holdings, Inc) was founded by Jeff Bridges in 2007  to provide business clients Website Design and Development, Local Search Optimization, and Online Reputation Management services . Our office is in the historic downtown Roswell GA at 1014 Canton Street. Having been small business owners ourselves, we recognized the need for a different kind of Internet Marketing service to cater to smaller, local businesses. Our clients are not Delta Airlines or Coca-Cola, rather local painters, lawyers, dentists, and printing companies. Our services help these types of businesses develop and optimize their online presence using the same powerful tools and processes used by the “big guys,” but delivered with the local business owner in mind.

Local Search Optimization is a fairly new idea in the world of Internet marketing. Just a few short years ago, the web was primarily used for things like online commerce, researching baseball statistics, or just checking the weather.  While these types of uses are still popular and valuable, there has been an incredible shift towards consumers looking for information about how and where to conduct business locally. Consumers (and search engines,) now recognize the convenience of using the Internet to decide where to go out to eat, find a local store to repair your watch, or find a contractor to paint your house. This behavioral shift has made it critical, as a local business, to make sure that your business information is listed in the places people are looking for you (hint – it probably isn’t your website.)

Consumers use sites like Yelp, Kudzu, and Citysearch to research local businesses before they make a purchase decision. They often read reviews left from other customers before deciding which business they spend their money with. This makes it great for us as consumers, as we tend to trust these anonymous reviews to a high degree. But it also creates a challenge to businesses. Being empowered by these online review sites, anyone can “hide behind” the anonymity of their computer  and say almost whatever they want about your business, whether it is true or not. And as frustrating as it might be, businesses often feel as if they have no recourse to “set the record straight.” This is where our online reputation management services become an important tool to help you manage your online reputation.

We are committed to providing our best services to help you get a high quality web presence optimized for top ranking in search engines. We help you manage and monitor your online reputation and connect with new and existing customers using your social media channels.

Please feel free to call us today on (800) 470-2338 or email us here and we can show you how we can help.