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Most businesses have at one time or another, had a negative online review show up online about their company and did not known what to do about it?  You know that this single review could negatively impact your webutation, and even cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars but you become paralyzed when trying to figure out how to respond. Your initial reaction may be anger or frustration as you read the negativity being shared by a customer. How dare they write this about you without knowing how much hard work you have put in and how much you care about each and every one of your customers.  As difficult as it may be to do so, we suggest you completely remove any all emotion and treat this as a business opportunity.  Use the experience as a learning experience in your organization to improve.  Use the experience as an opportunity to engage the customer and create brand loyalty and improve customer retention.  You can even use this is experience to market your business.

We help customers fully leverage these opportunities every day! Contact us today to see how we can help you take control back in this crazy world of online reviews, and get ahead of the curve.  We found a funny video that is sort of parody on Yelp reviews..  Be sure to check it out and have a chuckle or two..

The following article by Jay Thompson is geared more towards the real estate market, but we believe it could be useful for anyone who is dealing with negative reviews about their business. Take a look and see if you can begin to turn some of these negatives into positives for your business.  And remember, this is an opportunity just as much as it is a problem.

  1. Cordia BernalCordia Bernal10-01-2012

    We received a very poor review from WOT.; This is not true and we have hundreds of reviews on our site about our integrity, the excellent job we are doing with our puppies. We are then ONLY PREFERRED BREEDER IN THE STATE OF WASHINGTON FOR ANY BREED BY THE CKC REGISTRY. That speaks volumes about us.
    I have spent the entire day trying to find out who put this on us. But not one bad review was found. So where do you say you get this information.
    How can my fans come and put in a review????
    Cordia Bernal

    • Jeff BridgesJeff Bridges10-01-2012

      Ms Bernal.. Thank you for your comment, but I am not sure we can be of much help. If I understand you correctly, your website received a poor review from This is a different site from this site, (notice the domain .net vs .com)

      the “.net” guys are located in Germany, and as far as I know, do not respond to direct inquiries (but it wouldn’t hurt to try.) I did take a quick look at THEIR site and saw your site had a 90/100 score, which is better than most. You failed (like my site did) for the “WOT” or Web of Trust, whatever that is.

      I am sorry that our similar names ( and,) brought you to us, but while you are here, I’d be happy to speak with you about online reputation management in general, and how it may apply to your business. Hint – have your happy clients go add reviews here –

      Hint 2- don’t ask them to leave the reviews all at once (like what happened on The abrupt change in frequency of new reviews will flag a filter and maybe do more harm than good.

      Best Wishes and good Luck!
      Jeff Bridges

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